How Advisor Websites May be Affected by Google’s Mobile Update

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On April 21, 2015, Google began to roll out its mobile-friendly search update. This algorithm change means that, when someone searches for ‘Financial Advisor in Your City,’ your mobile-friendly page will appear higher in the rankings than pages that are not mobile-friendly. It’s Google’s way of ‘encouraging’ companies to optimize their websites for viewing on a mobile device.

Here’s what you need to know about how this new search criteria affects you and how people find you on the web. Read More

Keeping it Local – The Importance of Local Listings for Financial Advisors

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Financial advisors know the importance of maintaining a good reputation in the local community. Many advisors support local charities, sponsor youth sports teams and take part in local business organizations.

Social media provides another way for financial advisors to maintain a good local image. Review sites such as Yelp, Yahoo Local and Google+ let consumers post reviews about local businesses for other potential customers to consider before they call or visit a business.

It’s important to make sure that your listing on these sites is up to date and accurate so that people can find you. If you move, or change your email address or phone number, you’ll probably remember to change that information on your web site. Make sure you change it on these review sites as well, so that people always have to best way to find you. Read More

Advisors – Get a Marketing Plan & Stop “Posting” on Social Media

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I wish that it was as easy as simply putting together a few social posts per week and you magically wake up to an inbox full of people who are looking to move their accounts to your firm. Create a LinkedIn profile and forget about prospecting, your phone will automatically start dining off the hook.

In the financial industry, social media has been a trending topic for years now and is commonly, and mistakenly, portrayed as the end all be all of an advisor’s online marketing strategy. It’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, at our firm we do a ton of social media marketing and are big-time believers in the concept. But it has to be done right, done consistently, and done in a way that makes it a piece of your overall marketing plan. Let’s take a look at a few things that you should be doing instead of posting on social media blindly 7 days a week. Read More

Google Analytics for Financial Professionals

3 Basic Metrics Advisors Should Monitor When Using Google Analytics

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Your compliance department has “finally” become more liberal and you have been given permission to start to market more on the web. Your new responsive website is up, you have blog posts waiting to be posted, and your social media content calendar is ready to go. But what should you be tracking to see if your marketing activities are actually paying off?

Enter Google Analytics, a free tracking software that will give you valuable insight into the activities for any and all user behavior on your website. This powerful platform can be extremely complex to configure, however luckily it comes with basic settings that are more than enough for most financial advisor’s needs.  Read More

3 Best Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors

3 Mobile Apps to Help Financial Advisors Leverage Time

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Time is money, and that is particularly true for financial advisors. The more time you have, the more clients you can see, the more money you can make. One of the challenges of being a financial advisor is streamlining all of the required activities of running a successful business in order to make the time to make money.

Mobile software applications can help financial advisors to better manage their time and get more work done. These three mobile applications will make your business processes more efficient and give you more time to meet with more clients and make more money. Read More

Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

The Power of Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

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While other online marketing techniques for advisors tend have recently dominated the headlines and present sexy opportunities, other viable options are being neglected or avoided entirely. Social media, fancy paid advertisements, local marketing, and the latest algorithm changes at Google are among the items with the most buzz recently, but are these going to be the big drivers of new leads for your practice? Read More

SEC Financial Advisor Testimonials

SEC Ruling Opens Up Local Listings for Financial Advisors

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Recently, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) gave guidance on the use of testimonials for financial advisors. These websites, like Google+ Local, Foursquare, or Bing Local have historically been in the grey area when it comes to the ability to utilize these networks for marketing purposes.

However, while you can’t blindly promote or cherry pick testimonials from these sites, this ruling should serve as a go ahead for advisors to take advantage of these listings as they provide several ancillary benefits that go above and beyond the ability to use the reviews.  Read More

Advisor Website Responsive Design

Advisors: Is Your Website Set Up for Lead Generation?

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These days, almost every financial advisor, insurance agent, and other professional has some type of website for their company. However, your practice’s home on the web should be much more than just something that is adequate to look at. It should be considered your #1 tool for generating the right types of leads that will consistently grow your firm.

There are a number of technologies and practices that should be used when considering whether your website is up to par in today’s rapidly evolving online world. Let’s briefly hit on a few topics that could easily decide whether a casual passerby will hit the magic “contact us” button, and continue along to make an appointment.  Read More

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